Arya’s Big ‘Game Of Thrones’ Moment Is Inspiring Lots Of Jokes About Gendry’s Contribution


Spoilers ahead, obviously!

Bloodthirsty Game of Thrones fans were finally given the long-awaited showdown between the White Walkers and remaining players on the board (minus Cersei) in Sunday’s aptly-titled episode, “The Long Night.” Oh, and was it long. And bloody. And grueling. When all was said and done, the death toll included Lyanna Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Jorah, and the entire dang Dothraki army.

But just when things were looking super grim, those who made it through the 82 minutes of pure misery were treated to the surprise ending of Arya Stark personally taking out the Night King. Homegirl caught the Valyrian steel dagger in mid-air, stabbing the Night King in the gut — causing him to shatter into pieces and have his entire army collapse on the spot.

Arya is undoubtedly the MVP of the episode, but it’s also worth noting that she lost her virginity just hours before her big moment in a shockingly steamy sex scene with Gendry in last week’s episode. It’s not to say that behind every great woman is some dude who did evidently good sex on her … but the timing certainly interesting, to say the least. Did Arya’s rite of passage into womanhood give her the metaphoric big dick energy to defeat the Night King?

Fans on Twitter seem to think so, or at the very least it’s inspired plenty of jokes on the subject:

And then plenty of others had jokes about when Gendry finds out who killed the Night King:

Heck, we’re all just relieved that Gendry made it through the battle to see a round two.