‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Invites You To A ‘Cribs’ Style Stroll Through Ash’s Luxurious Trailer

Who doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life? Champagne, romance, bits of old deadite carnage on the floor. There may be swankier places to live, but the Airstream trailer owned by Ash Williams can make a man feel like a million bucks.

That friendly lil’ rectangle you see at the top of your screen is a remarkably charming tour of the trailer owned by the noted dummy and semi-regular savior of the universe on Ash vs. Evil Dead. Guided by Ash worshipper Pablo Simon Bolivar (played by the always fantastic Ray Santiago), this charming clip is a pretty straightforward parody of MTV’s Cribs, a program MTV created to show tweens that celebrities and popular entertainers live inside homes and do not simply float up into the sky when they have nothing to promote. Just like Cribs, a few of the touches (like loose Magnum condoms and death dealing weapons) might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Resilient Americans Battling Unspeakable Evil – They’re Just Like Us!

Speaking of Ash vs Evil Dead, the new season (which will acknowledge Army of Darkness lore) will premiere for all us primitive screwheads on October 2 on Starz. Even if the Cribs touches aren’t your scene, there’s loads to love from this clever promotional tool. Good luck explaining any of this to an RV and trailer shop.

(Via io9)