Prepare Yourselves For The Bloody Return Of Bruce Campbell And ‘The Evil Dead’

Ash Vs. Evil Dead premieres on Halloween, marking the return of Bruce Campbell to the war against the deadites and poor customer service. The series premiere also brings Sam Raimi’s return to the series he originated way back in 1981, pushing the bounds of splatter horror to its gory best and launching his career into the big time.

It’s hard to top the original when it comes to creativity, particularly on a shoestring budget. When you’re dealing with $30,000 for a budget, you have to rely on your friends and your wits. That’s what Sam Raimi did with The Evil Dead and his longtime partnership with Bruce Campbell, and it’s still going today with Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

But how does the series hold up to what has come before? And what can we expect from Ash after more than thirty years in the story and twenty since the release of Army Of Darkness? From what we’ve seen to this point, we’re getting the same guy you know and love, plus a bit more. He’s still got the motor-mouth with a slice of attitude, plus a pair of sidekicks to bounce those witticisms off of while slaying the undead. Lucy Lawless is also along for the ride, getting her hands dirty in the process.

It looks to be a success, but we’ll just have to tune in to be sure.