‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Was Originally Going To Be The Fourth ‘Evil Dead’ Movie

This Halloween is welcoming the legendary idiot Ash from the Evil Dead movies back to relevance when Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Starz. The cast and crew are doing the requisite press and talking about what brought a decades-old horror franchise back from the dead (at least in the form of something watchable with the original characters). Sam Raimi recently spoke with journalists at a screening of the pilot, which Raimi directed, and discussed the origins of the TV show. But the biggest revelation was that Ash vs. Evil Dead was originally going to be Evil Dead 4. You heard me, you primitive screwheads — there was going to be another Evil Dead movie starring Bruce Campbell as Ash. I know what you’re thinking, Ash-holes: “We’ve only been begging for this for 23 years.”

Here’s how Evil Dead 4 would have unfolded:

The original, alternate ending of Army of Darkness was the jumping-off point, which left Ash in the future after the apocalypse has taken place. Why? Because when he was trying to get back to the present — where he is seen at the end of the theatrical release — from medieval times, he screwed up while taking the sleeping potion and slept too long. Because, as we all know, Ash is a moron. Evil Dead 4 would have featured two Ashes from each of those timelines, never meeting, but battling the Deadites and demonic bad guys in both the present and the future.

Seems like a lot to swallow, but since when has Ash made things easy on himself and the people watching him? Maybe now that there’s a whole series of storylines ahead, Ash might do some time-traveling, either on purpose or by accident. (My money is on “accident.”)

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Starz on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9 p.m.

(Via Screen Crush)