AT&T Is Offering Wireless Users Free HBO, But There’s A Big Catch

HBO has been famous for quality programming for a long time, from Game of Thrones to Westworld, and it’s charged accordingly. But, if you happen to use AT&T, you might be able to get it for free. Needless to say, though, there’s a pretty big catch.

AT&T has announced that Unlimited Plus users now get HBO for free. If you already get cable via DirecTV or AT&T’s U-Verse, it’ll be added to your package for free or removed from your bill, and if you don’t get it at all, it’ll just be there for you on your phone. Presumably, this is just one example of what’ll happen if AT&T is ever actually allowed to buy Time Warner.

What’s the catch? Well, first of all, AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan is $90 a month for one line. Secondly, after you use 22GB of data, or about 22 hours of TV according to Netflix, AT&T reserves the right to throttle your internet speed. So it’s not an all you can eat buffet, and if you use a lot of data, that’s a consideration. But, if you’re already on that plan, or if you were considering switching to it, it’s a nice little bonus for you, and likely a preview of the content wars wireless providers are about to get into.

(via Mashable)