Aubrey Plaza Went On ‘GMA’ And Pretended To Eat Vin Diesel

Glorious weirdo Aubrey Plaza was on Good Morning America this so-so morning to promote her new movie, Life After Beth. It’s a zombie romantic-comedy (boo) also starring Anna Kendrick, Molly Shannon, Cheryl Hines, and John C. Reilly (yay), and if you guessed the brightly lit GMA was pretty much the last place Plaza wanted to be this early on a Tuesday, you are right. Video from the interview isn’t online, but she did inspire someone to tweet, “I absolutely do not like Aubrey plaza Sure your in movies but damn your not better than anyone She could care less about her interview.”

You be you, Aubrey, and if that version of you involves pretending to eat Vin Diesel, so be it.

And Emeril, for some reason.