SyFy’s Next ‘Sharknado’ Is Here. It’s The Trailer For ‘Avalanche Sharks’!

Syfy’s latest faux sci-fi TV movie will attempt to recreate the magic of Sharknado with sharks that can swim in snow. Avalanche Sharks (trailer below) may have taken the adage “sharks make movies better” a bit too literally. They also didn’t seem to take SyFy’s advice about quality movie titles seriously. I mean, Avalanche Sharks? No no no, The Cartel. You call this SHARKVALANCHE or you get out of my face!

Anyway, check out the trailer below. It has everything these movies should. Shoehorned expository dialogue! Supernatural sharks! Women in bikinis when it’s way too cold for that! A redneck warning everyone of their impending doom, later mocking them for not listening! “It’s Spring Break, Sheriff. Everything goes!