Awesome: ‘Walking Dead’ Billboard on Funeral Home

A billboard for “The Walking Dead” has raised the ire of citizens in an English town who don’t like the ad’s placement next to a funeral home. I guess some people don’t like the idea of their loved ones rising up from the dead to attack them and eat their brains.

An advertising firm has been blasted after a billboard for The Walking Dead was put on the wall of a funeral parlour in Consett, County Durham…

Susan Jones, from the Willow Burn Hospice, in nearby Lanchester, said that while some people may see the funny side, others would not. She said: ‘There must be somewhere else they could put it that would have shown a degree of insight and sensitivity.’ [Daily Mail]

Added Bartleby Riggins, a stereotype from Shotleyfield, “‘Ow’d you like to be starin’ down an advert fer zombies when yer cryin’ fer yer dear departed mum? Iss got me knickers in a twist, it has! I’ve ‘alf a mind to tell the Queen! ‘Course, she’s busy with the royal wedding and all. Ah, good for Prince Will! That Kate Middleton’s a right fit bird. I’d take her for a spin in me lorry, wink wink nudge nudge know wha’ I mean.”

[Image © North News, story via BuzzFeed]