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Amy Dupont, an anchorwoman for WXOW-TV in western Wisconsin, filed a restraining order against her morning co-host, weatherman Zach Brown.  Brown must have no contact with Dupont and stay 100 feet away from her at all times, which may hurt their on-air chemistry.  Here’s how the story went down:

Dupont has been receiving nasty emails for about a year now [since August 2007, actually -Ed.]. Never threatening, but harassing, with comments derogatory about her, and her on-air work. After putting up with the nasty comments for awhile, she searched the name of the person who signed them. And the name was that of a registered sex offender. That was when Dupont got the police involved. They subpoenaed the IP address of the computer from where the mean-spirited emails originated. And they discovered the source of those emails was not a registered sex offender, but in fact came from an internet address registered to her partner on WXOW’s morning news program, Zach Brown.

Whoops!  As it turns out, the emails came from Brown’s roommate, Jonathan Edwards, but Brown got included on the restraining order because he knew of the emails and didn’t intervene.  (Edwards called the emails “constructive criticism.”)  And in case you’re wondering if there’s a happy ending: Brown no longer works at WXOW.  Woo-hoo, permanent vacation!

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