‘Bachelor Pad’: Awful, Yet Brilliant

06.17.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

This summer on ABC: "Bachelor Pad," with hosts That One Chick and Whatshisface

Back in January, I wrote about ABC’s creation of “Bachelor Pad” — in which an amalgam of former contestants on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” will live in a “Big Brother”-style house. Hey, MTV and VH1 have been recycling reality contestants for spin-off shows for years, so why not?

ABC has now released the cast, and it will star all the “fan favorites” from recent years. Which is to say: if there’s some assh*le who stirred up “drama” on a previous season, then they’re in the cast (notable exception: Tanner the foot fetishist). Anyway, you can click through to see the entire cast at TV Watch, but by far and away the highlight is the blurb for Natalie (the fourth thumbnail below):

On a date when Jason was trying to see what else Natalie was interested in besides shoes and clothes, Natalie, a bartender, responded, “Bears.”

See? She’s not shallow. Bears are f*cking awesome.

Bear pictures via F Yeah Bears. Obviously.

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