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On Monday night’s premiere of “The Bachelorette,” thirty guys (none of whom were black — nice job, ABC racists) began vying for the affection of one average-looking woman.  And one of those gentlemen is Tanner, a Dallas-area foot fetishist — er, financial analyst — who’s happy to detail everything he looks for in a foot.  I mean woman.

Say what you will about the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” series being tired, but this clip is edited to terrifying perfection.  Lindsay from Videogum elaborates on the rest of the show:

Later in a pre-rose ceremony interview, host Chris Harrison asks Jillian about Tanner with a smile on his face and she says he’s great, clearly not knowing about the foot thing.  And then during the rose ceremony, she totally picks Tanner P!  He’s coming back!  One of my friends thinks he’s totally going to kill her!

Well, yeah, probably.  And that would be a terrible loss for Jillian’s friends and family.  But admit it, it would make for awesome television.  People, start the letter-writing campaign now: Tanner absolutely MUST be the next “Bachelor.”

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