06.12.09 10 years ago 7 Comments

Whale Wars (Animal Planet) — I know I used this Photoshop in the same slot last week, but it gives me too much pleasure not to use again.  And even though I now know that this show is about environmentalists trying to stop Japanese whale poachers, but it will always be a big whale street brawl in my mind.

Extreme Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) — SPOILER ALERT: nobody actually sees any ghosts.

The Goode Family (ABC) — Didn’t take long for this to get relegated to Friday night.

The Soup (E!) — “The Soup” gets entry in What’s On Tonight every time there is DICK-ALL on TV on Friday night.

Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7 (NBC) — Hockey season ends tonight.  Tune in for octopi, drunken revelry, and hot man-on-trophy action.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody.  Tune back in on Sunday for some more weekend coverage.  Expect to see a review of Colbert in Iraq, plenty of links, and a guide to Sunday’s viewing.

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