Models! Boats! Models In Boats! It’s The ‘Ballers’ Season 2 Trailer!

02.29.16 3 years ago

Ballers wrapped up its first season as HBO’s most-watched half-hour program since the first season of Hung in 2009, which is really just a remarkable fact, one that you should probably memorize to whip out at your next cocktail party. And it stars The Rock, who has been — and continues to be — a literal and metaphorical giant in pop culture. So, yes, Ballers is coming back for a second season at some point this summer. And as of this weekend, there’s a trailer.

Does the trailer for season two of Ballers feature models? Dozens! Does it feature boats? Luxury and speed! Does it feature models in boats? Absolutely! Drinking champagne! It is basically everything you think the trailer for season two of Ballers is, plus The Rock’s character making a joke about Vin Diesel. And it also introduces Andy Garcia’s character, a big-time Miami investment such-and-such who smokes cigars and has a mansion and who appears to be kind of like if Andy Garcia’s character from Ocean’s Eleven grew a beard and moved to South Florida. Which brings up an interesting point: Dear God, please let season two of Ballers end with The Rock wooing Julia Roberts away from Andy Garcia. I don’t ask for much.

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