The ‘Baskets’ Season 3 Trailer Is Sure To Win Over Anyone Who Has Never Dreamed Of Owning A Rodeo

The end of the beautiful, tragically hilarious second season of FX’s Baskets, saw Christine (Louie Anderson) standing up to her jerk of a brother and using her inheritance to buy the rodeo where Chip (Zach Galifianakis) had previously worked as a rodeo clown — setting up the perfect scenario for season three. Chip, Dale, and their mother working together on a family business? What could go wrong!

Well, Dale could get no respect from the horses, and that seems like just the tip of the iceberg of the family’s newfound set of problems stemming from their brand new venture. Among the other things we apparently have to look forward to this season is Chip getting a sweet new ride that boasts a 50 clown trunk capacity; the triumphant, trigger-happy return of Eddie, the original owner and manager of the Buckaroo Rodeo; and Christine living it up in Las Vegas at an all-male revue. Not to mention, Ken the Carpet King, Christine’s adorable season two love interest, is also back!

Will this be the season that Chip finally makes it as a clown? Or that poor Martha finally stops letting this family walk all over her? Find out when season three of Baskets premieres on January 21 on FX.