‘Baywatch’ Reruns on Comedy Central Lead To New Alison Brie GIFs

08.06.10 17 Comments

I am a raging insomniac.  I don’t have a ton of trouble falling asleep, but without fail I’ll wake up an hour or two later and toss and turn for the remainder of the night.  If I end up getting more than five hours of sleep any given night, I consider it a victory.  Which brings me to two points: 1) I’m kinda sleepy right now, and 2) I watch A LOT of late night TV.  Usually, this means infomercials, crappy movies, or whatever I’ve been smart enough to load up on the DVR (read: nothing).

However, last night while I was buzzing through the channels I noticed Comedy Central was playing old episodes of “Baywatch,” which I put on because whatever don’t judge me.  I’m sure this programming decision is directly related to the upcoming roast of David Hasselhoff, but it’s also sensible – watching Nicole Eggert and Pamela Anderson try to act out a dramatic scene about the dangers of bulimia is 2-3 times funnier than anything Jeff Dunham has ever said.

I apologize, I appear to have severely buried the lede here.  Meet me after the jump for the real story: new Alison Brie GIFs.

During the commercial breaks of “Baywatch,” Comedy Central was running shorts from Atom TV as part of its “Secret Stash.”  Last night, those shorts were the five-part series “Hot Sluts,” which you may recognize from this GIF:

The series itself is nothing to write home about.  The dialogue and plot are porn-quality at best.  It mainly exists to get Alison Brie and her breasts in jiggly situations.  So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s the greatest series of comedic shorts in the history of laughing.

Without further ado, two Alison Brie GIFs, both taken from Part 5 (full series here):

UPDATE: Now with better quality GIFs.

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