‘The Twilight Zone’ Gave A Ton Of Screen Legends Their Big Break

08.30.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

One of the seminal anthology series of TV’s black-and-white era, Twilight Zone creator and narrator Rod Serling mined the pulp fiction stories that he’d grown up with, merging their narratives with a reflection of what he considered society’s ills, including The Cold War, racism, and nationalism. Along with episodes that would wade through genres like science fiction, fantasy, and horror, a new cast of characters came with each installment, allowing a vast array of talent to shine on the small screen.

While it’s well-known that actors such as William Shatner and Burgess Meredith made notable appearances on the show, here are a few that starred in some of the show’s lesser-known episodes during its initial run on CBS.

Robert Redford – Harold Beldon, “Nothing In The Dark” 

Redford had appeared in a number of one-off television appearances on various series, such as fellow anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the crime drama The New Breed, which starred a young Leslie Nielsen. In this 1962 episode of The Twilight Zone, he starred as a young cop, badly injured in an altercation outside an old woman’s door. This being The Twilight Zone, she refuses to let him in due to her fear of “Mr. Death.” As he pleads with her, he causes a dramatic change in her perspective on life, and what comes after it.

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