Every Episode Of ‘Black Mirror,’ Ranked

best black mirror episodes

The first thing that comes to mind when you think “science fiction” might be lightsaber battles or spaceships zipping from galaxy to galaxy. But the diverse genre has more to offer than just candy-colored thrills and new alien species. The other side of that coin is the slow-burning dread that can creep in around the edges of life. The changes to reality may be subtle, but they can still pack quite a punch.

Black Mirror is this second type of sci-fi, imagining a not-so-distant future with the technological advances that feel like a natural extension of the world we live in now. Against the backdrop of the unchecked tech, Black Mirror juxtaposes the human against the artificial. Some of these reveries on the human condition will leave viewers shaken up, while others might be more likely to induce an eye roll. Let’s take a look at the best Black Mirror episodes and the ones that probably should have remained a fever dream.