Hulu’s ‘Best In Dough’ Wants To Bring The World Together Over Pizza

It’s a little strange that there hasn’t been a televised pizza competition yet. Maybe that’s because most cooking competition shows don’t focus on a single type of food. They want to explore the vast culinary expanses and explore bold new flavors. Hulu‘s newest competition Best In Dough might try a little bit of that (they ask at least one panel of chefs to make pizza without dough), but mostly…it’s just pizza.

Anchored by luscious shots of gorgeous pies and the smiley humor of host Wells Adams, the show from the makers of Is It Cake? promises to be another installment of bingeable, low stakes fun. Beyond Adams, the show features head judge Chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana, as well as Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim, and baker Bryan Ford serving as judges. The 10-episode series promises the winners who sling the best slice $10,000 and whatever glory comes with knowing you beat someone else’s nonna. Make no mistake. The one thing we know about the show from the trailer is that the nonna episode is going to be a legendary battle of strong wills, snarky comments, and world-class pizza.

Get ready to ogle those three pizza ovens as Best In Dough hits Hulu September 19th. Just be sure to have your local joint on speed dial.