These Movies From 1984 Will Get You In The Mood For ‘Stranger Things 2’

10.26.17 2 years ago 10 Comments

After spending season one in the salad days of 1983 (Salad Days was actually the name of a TV movie released in 1983. That’s a fun fact for you if you have a very loose definition of fun), Stranger Things 2 picks up in the fall of 1984. That’s almost a whole year of movies that could have had an effect the lives of our heroes, young and less young. We know our boys loved Ghostbusters; El presumably identified with Firestarter; Steve was probably really into Police Academy; Jonathan definitely went to some arthouse theater to check out Paris, Texas; and Tommy and Carol, I don’t know, they just watched videos of puppies being kicked or something because they’re the worst.

Ugh. Those two.

As we gear up for an intense binge session–or a slow, steady intake for those of you with restraint–here are some of the 1984-iest movies you can rent or stream online right now and get you in the mood for Stranger Things 2.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
This cult classic follows Buckaroo Banzai — a neurosurgeon, musician, race car driver and nuclear physicist — as he takes on an alien invasion.

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The Best Picture Oscar winner tells the tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his relationship and rivalry with Antonio Salieri.

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Beverly Hills Cop
This story of a Detroit detective in Beverly Hills shot Eddie Murphy to superstardom.

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