Kyle Mooney Pre-‘SNL’ YouTube Videos Every ‘Saturday Night Live’ Fan Should Watch

Prior to SNL, Kyle Mooney functioned under the username “Kyle” and uploaded amazing character videos to YouTube both by himself, and with his sketch comedy group Good Neighbor (which also features Beck Bennett and Dave McCary as an editor) for years. So when he arrived to the show with a bag of characters ready for air, it’s no wonder that he was such a vital addition to the SNL cast — especially after the huge transition period which took place last season. Here we take a look at the best of Kyle Mooney’s pre-SNL videos.

10. Good Neighbor Toast

This sketch displays how cleverly absurd Good Neighbor would let things get, when after a group of friends tries to make a toast before going out for the night, it turns into a full-on choreographed Broadway production. Also, like any great sketch, it’s impossible to see where the sketch is going next, and just when you think you think you have an idea, it takes a turn.

9. I hate this song

This features a character that we all know, someone who is embarrassed to love something, so they pretend to hate it instead.

8. Movies with Kyle

The awkward interview character Mooney created, where he goes to a gathering of people and asks fans at said gathering nonsensical questions in a deadpan manner made it to SNL when he interviewed New Yorkers about the upcoming Super Bowl. Bonus points for the public access style editing techniques.

7. Roomies

Mooney created a character that we all know too well, the friend you move in with who is overzealous about everything, from the features of the apartment to the good times you’ll have in the apartment.

6. Baseball with Kyle

Another of the awkward interviews, except this one also features Mooney attempting (without success) to interview some of the San Francisco Giants.

5. Chris

We all knew “Chris” in high school. The all-knowing-preachy high school rebel, who would stop at nothing to tell anyone about his thoughts on the government, sex, and — oh, what’s that? Chris gets a phone call from his mom and suddenly he’s a total softy.

4. More Smoking

Think of this as a prequel to the 4:20 guy on SNL, but here it’s about a guy who let’s his babies smoke pot.

3. Lakers Champions with Kyle

Another of the awkward Kyle interviews, but this time it’s with Los Angeles Lakers fans, who earnestly answer his questions.

2. Chris Unleashed

Another Chris video, except at this point the character is so well developed that he offers a little more insight into his life, like that he has a letterman jacket in bad-assary, he has no problem comparing himself to Bin Laden, and his uncle Tommy has been to jail two times!

1. Crippled Rejex

Other than telling you about his bad ass life, what does a rebel like Chris do to express himself? Well, he starts a band with a cool misspelled name (Crippled Rejex) of course. Stick around for the bad ass riffs, and the editing techniques fit for an appearance in an after school special.