Here’s The Proper Reaction To Jeb Bush Admitting That He Smoked Weed

So the topic of marijuana legalization came up and the topic went directly to Rand Paul, the guy who was possibly the only one on stage who would be pro-marijuana reform and he proved it. Then he had to go and call someone a hypocrite, outing them to the entire viewing audience, those on stage and his poor dear mother at home.

I’m talking of course of Jeb Bush, who didn’t wait for some sort of pageant showcase with his fellow candidates to say that he had tasted lady sweet leaf in his younger days. Poor Barbara Bush was probably sitting at home, crying in her pillows when this happened during the debate.

Obviously there is only one way to truly respond to this kind of revelation. One way to put it all together and capture it in a way that showcases exactly what it means for the Jeb Bush campaign, possibly explaining his performance at tonight’s debate. Enjoy this, folks, because it doesn’t just roll into your town, light up and call its dad to ask for advice every day of the damn week:

Fantastic, pure and simple.

(Via CNN)