The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

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Last Updated: August 13th

The past few years have seen a rigorous expansion of stand-up comedy after years of neglect. Hence why there are hundreds of titles in Netflix’s stand-up category. Even for budding comedy fans, there’s a lot of must-see specials to choose from.

So here are the 25 best stand-up specials on Netflix right now. While they may be ranked, they’re all really good and deserving of your time and laughs.

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best stand up on netflix - hannah gadsby


1. Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

Run Time: 69 min | IMDb: 8.4/10

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about Australian comic Hannah Gadsby and her must-watch stand-up special. The woman from Down Under is all anyone can talk about right now and for good reason. Her hour-long set is changing the way we think about comedy, chucking the ironic detachment in the trash and instead, offering up a bit of humor interlaced with moving reflections on life. Most of Gadsby’s routine chronicles the joys and hardships of being a queer woman — her childhood in Tasmania, her praise for Monica Lewinsky, her commentary on why sexuality and comedy go hand-in-hand — but she also claps back against the idols of her early life, men like Louis C.K. who’ve now become the problem. In other words, Gadsby’s not holding any punches with this one.

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