Tom Segura Had An Extremely Weird Encounter The First Time He Met His Famous For Being Extremely Weird (And Bad At Jokes) U.S. Senator Neighbor

Tom Segura‘s new comedy special, Sledgehammer, dropped on Netflix last week, and it’s a tight, one-hour set showcasing the comedian’s latest tour. However, what fans didn’t get see was an anecdote about Segura moving into a new neighborhood where he quickly discovered that a certain “current or former” United States senator also lives.

In a new deleted scene from Sledgehammer, Segura walks the audience through his first (alleged) encounter with his famous neighbor, and man, is it awkward. While Segura was out taking a walk, the unnamed senator recognized the comedian and immediately asked him a very weird question: “Where do you think the term ‘motherf*cker’ comes from?”

Caught off guard by the question, Segura simply replied, “I dunno,” prompting his senatorial neighbor to share his theory: “Do you think it’s from people doing that?” And the conservation did not get better.

The senator then allegedly asked about the term “daughter f*ckers,” which Segura pointed out isn’t “an expression that anybody uses.” At that point, the senator just turns around and walks back into his house.

But their time together wasn’t over. As Segura headed home from his walk, the senator came back outside because he didn’t want their last conversation to weirdly end. Okay, fair enough, but then the senator starts to walk through the very obvious meaning of the term “motherf*cker” again.

“Wow,” Segura mockingly exclaimed. “I am so impressed that you put that together so quickly. I can see why you may or may not be Ted Cruz.”

Tom Segura: Sledgehammer is available for streaming on Netflix.