The Best TV Shows Of 2018


Making a list of the year’s best TV shows is impossible. There are just so many across so many different genres and most of them seem to star A-list movie types now. It’s impossible to watch them and impossible to whittle down what you did watch. And it’s also impossible to complain about because some people have real jobs where they break rocks in the sun. “Well, my job was hard today, too, because I couldn’t figure out how to get Homecoming into my yearly top ten shows list.” Woof. Just an exercise in futility on a number of fronts.

We did it, though. Three of our television experts — Brian Grubb, Josh Kurp, and LaToya Ferguson — put together this list of the top 15 shows of the year. Homecoming is still somehow not on it, despite the fact that Homecoming was great. You can take this to mean there was just such an overwhelming number of quality shows that a worthy contender got squeezed out or that we did a bad job. Or both. You have options.

A brief word on our methodology: There was not much methodology! We took our three top ten lists and assigned a point value to each entry (first place show gets 10 points, tenth place show gets 1 point, etc.), kept the top ten scoring shows in order, then populated the last five spots with shows that missed the cut but we were passionate about for one reason or another. Brian threw a fit and got his show in at 15 despite it getting one total point. LaToya may or may not have gamed the system by ranking a CW show so high that it snuck into the top ten on score alone. Josh’s number one wasn’t on anyone else’s list at all. It was chaos.

And yet, even with all that said, it’s a pretty solid list. That’s the benefit of so much television. You can be wrong about everything and right about everything at the same time. Below, please find Uproxx’s 15 best television shows of 2018.