AMC Is Marathoning Themed ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes To Prep People For The Return Of ‘Better Call Saul’

Season 2 of Better Call Saul ended just about on the verge of Jimmy finally being pushed far enough that he will have to turn into the Saul Goodman that Breaking Bad fans know and love. He’s not there yet, but in order for everybody to be prepared for what’s to come in Season 3 AMC is cueing up a few separate marathons of specifically themed Breaking Bad episodes. Season 3 of Saul looks to be the season most loaded with references to the mothership and character returns that fans are expecting (and that the show hinted at throughout the previous season). Knowing that there’s certain things people should be focusing on, AMC is marathoning certain episodes three Mondays in a row in advance of the Saul premiere.

First, on Monday March 27th, AMC has scheduled a “Best of Saul Goodman” marathon that will run from 9am to 3pm EST. This stretch includes some of the most visually stunning and quality Breaking Bad hours of all time such as “4 Days Out,” “One Minute,” “To’hajiilee,” and
“Granite State.” For those who don’t want to revisit Walt’s wide world of drugs, this is also the day that Netflix will add Saul‘s second Season. Then, on Monday April 3rd, the focus pivots to everyone’s favorite fried chicken entrepreneur and drug kingpin for a “Best of Gus Fring” marathon from 9am to 2:20pm EST. This is everyone’s chance to go back and revisit standouts like “No Más,” “IFT,” “Half Measures,” and “Crawl Space.” Finally, the Monday Saul Season 3 premieres, Season 2 will be re-aired in its entirety 11:30am to 10pm EST which leads directly into the much-anticipated premiere.

There’s still three whole weeks before Better Call Saul returns and answers all the questions left hanging from last year, but that doesn’t mean those weeks have to be completely free of Saul, Walt, or Gus.