The Anxiety Is Real For ‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Who Want To Protect Kim Wexler From The Final Season

Nope, fans of the Breaking Bad universe aren’t doing too well after watching Better Call Saul‘s sixth-season (and final-season) trailer. Not that this is new. As the spinoff’s timeline has grown ever closer to that of its franchise predecessor, anxiety has run high for Kim watchers, given that she clearly does not surface in Breaking Bad. Further, Jimmy/Saul/Gene’s Cinnabon fate looks utterly miserable, and there’s no Kim to be found in those scenes, either. So, what gives? No clues have been forthcoming. Bob Odenkirk got real about not feeling optimistic about his character’s fate, but he’s urged everyone to not assume Kim is dead. If not dead, though, where would she be?

Well, the new trailer obviously tells us nothing, and the reactions tell us that anxiety is running high, as Kim’s finger guns have seemingly led further into Saul Goodmanification by the looks of this shot.

And far above, Kim’s also questioning whether they’re “wicked,” and whether they’re being followed, and yup, even though Saul tells Kim that no one knows what they’re up to, this all feels incredibly ominous. Let’s just say that people are freaking the hell out and rightfully so. One of the best-written female characters in TV history has her fate on the line, and — given that it feels impossible for her to survive, and still never to be seen again after this season — the stakes are high. On social media, the nail-biting has commenced in earnest.

Yup, whatever happens, no one is ready for this.

Better Call Saul‘s final season begins (the first half, anyway) on April 18. The second half will arrive on July 11. And if you missed Season Five, head to Netflix on April 4.