Watch James Corden Try To Figure Out If Betty White Is Older Than New Mexico

James Corden helped national treasure Betty White get an early start to her 94th birthday by playing a festive little game called “Is Betty White Older Than?” Sure, it’s not quite Pin The Tail on The Donkey (which she is not older than, FYI), and it’s only slightly less insulting than giving her a fire extinguisher to blow out the raging inferno that 94 candles are bound to cause atop a birthday cake, but thanks to some silly photoshop and Betty’s quick wit, it ended up being pretty entertaining.

The game itself was pretty simple: James quizzed band leader Reggie Watts and Miami Heat star Amar’e Stoudemire as to whether well-known places and things existed when Betty was born. We also learned a few things, like Betty’s upcoming birthday plans involving Robert Redford, how good a kisser Mickey Mouse is, and Betty’s apparent hidden skill as a baller.

For the record, Amar’e Stoudemire would have scored perfectly were it not for Reggie’s interference on that second question. He definitely tricked him into giving the wrong answer. Doesn’t matter, because whenever Betty White is involved, everybody wins. Except us. We only got one of these right.

(Via YouTube)