'The Big Bang Theory' Gets A New Laugh Track, Courtesy 'Final Fantasy X'

It is generally accepted that The Big Bang Theory is not actually funny, yet it somehow remains on the air. Hey, everybody needs to collect a paycheck. But it does raise the question of how to actually make this show about faux-nerds funny, and it turns out all it really needs is a change of laugh track.

Specifically, it needs the infamous “Tidus Laugh” from Final Fantasy X. YouTuber skylazor decided to edit Tidus into an episode of The Big Bang Theory and, well, see for yourself:

This, of course, has been a meme for years, but replacing laugh tracks, most of which are the same titters and giggles used since the 1950s to make people laugh at unfunny shows, is a stroke of genius. Instead of unfunny writing rooms trying to paper over their gags with the sound editor, shows could be put to a vote, and those ranked unfunny enough get Tidus instead. The writing staff feels shame, the show becomes funny, Square Enix has a stream of revenue that it apparently needs, everybody wins.