The Best Moments From This Week’s Wild And Crazy ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’ On Comedy Central

This week on Comedy Central’s Big Time In Hollywood, FL, we had a special cameo, a home invasion, and kidnappings.

We started with Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. doing coke on a boat.

He’s quite the unstable creature when high.

Which meant Cuba was off to rehab.

He didn’t care for the Dolfs.

But due to an unfortunate situation…

… there was a change in heart.

Despite being warned to stay away…

… Del couldn’t resist getting involved.

So, Cuba “took back” from the “paparazzi”…

… while Jack and Ben filmed their TV show.

Things went downhill fast.

Jack and Ben made a startling revelation…

… and had a kidnapping of their own.

To see how all that plays out, check out Big Time in Hollywood, FL on Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central, and on the the Comedy Central app.