Bill Maher Finds The Real Culprit To Blame For The Rise Of Donald Trump

If you were looking for a true person or thing to blame for the rise of Donald Trump — aside from Trump himself — Bill Maher has a theory. On Friday’s Real Time, Maher dove into one of his New Rules that placed the blame firmly at one source: self esteem. The self esteem movement to be precise and the apparent need to make everybody feel like a winner and never have anybody’s feelings get hurt. That’s condensing it down, of course, but it covers the point.

It’s not a new concept to go after the “everybody gets a trophy” crowd, but placing Trump on their shoulders is a heavy crown to bear. One can agree that we need to call an assh*le an assh*le, but no need to damn an entire movement because of it.

Then again, sometimes self love can go too far. It could be funny to blame “blurry vision” on people voting for Trump in primaries, but Maher stumbles onto a good point here. Too much self-confidence can create a guy like Trump and his life kinda proves it. And the weird part is how the campaign seems to be against some of the same ideals, like political correctness.

The easier culprit to blame might be selfishness, but going against self-esteem and SJWs fits the narrative Maher was going with last week.

Elsewhere, Michael Ware stopped by to discuss the upcoming HBO documentary Only The Dead See The End Of War and things get really intense. If anything, he sells the documentary really well and cements the idea that Australians are taking over the world.

He’s back again in the overtime segment, yelling with Barney Frank while the panel takes on a variety of topics. Trump also makes his return because none of us can stop talking about him.