Bill Maher Looks Back On The Loss Of Garry Shandling And His Best Moments On ‘Real Time’

During his monologue on Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher took a moment to talk about Garry Shandling. And much in the way that Conan took a more personal route at remembering the late comedian, Maher did the same with a short and sweet tribute. He calls Shandling a “very generous audience” to those around him, providing laughter and jokes to keep the fun rolling. And then he hints at the restlessness and introspective nature of Shandling, something that’s really been shown a lot in the aftermath of his death.

What we don’t get is much in the way of Shandling himself in this quick look back. We get a few gilmpses of his appearances on the show, but none of the content from those moments. It’s a little odd, but understandable given the time Maher has with the live show. He had to drink fake bleach, chat with Corey Booker, and support Ted Cruz for the craziest of reasons.

So to make up for that, we’ve put together a few of Shandling’s appearances on Real Time below. It is sort of the lengthy, tail end of the Garry Shandling memorial that brings Shandling back to HBO for some laughs — at least before The Larry Sanders Show returns. First up is an appearance with Alec Baldwin and Christiane Amanpour in 2008, talking about the hot VP debates:

Then from 2007 is Shandling’s appearance alongside Sean Penn and a very slicked back looking Maher:

And as a little final note, a more recent appearance from 2009 where Shandling is apparently sitting far too close.

(Via HBO)