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   Fast forward to 3:00

Via Time:

Comedian Bill Maher may have thought he was on American Gladiator rather than Pictionary [Ed.- Ha ha, good one, Jay.] in 1997 when an excitable Erik Estrada knocked him to the floor. The CHiPs actor was celebrating his successful deciphering of the phrase “tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree” when, in his exuberance, he hit Maher in the nose. The taped show cut away; when it returned, Maher had a compress against his face while Estrada sat sheepishly nearby.

Then Maher was his usual sarcastic self, guessing punch, fist, and brain damage on the next game. In fairness to Estrada, Maher’s nose is huge and hard to miss. [Ha ha, good one, Jay.]  Since I’m talking about celebrity game shows anyway, check out the clip below of Betty White getting fed up with the magic toaster on Password.   And since I’m talking about Betty White, check out this awesome tattoo.


[Thanks to Urlesque for the pic.]

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