Bill Murray Performed The 2nd Greatest 'I Will Always Love You' Cover Ever On Letterman

When Cajun Boy shared Bill Murray’s simply spectacular Liberace-esque entrance to Letterman’s 20th anniversary show last night video to the rest of his appearance wasn’t yet available, and since we’re talking about Bill F*cking Murray, anniversary gifts, stage destruction, and arguably the greatest cover of “I Will Always Love You” ever performed, well, a follow up is in order.

Please don’t let me keep you from Bill, so starting in chronological order from directly after the uber fabulous intro here’s Bill giving Dave the greatest anniversary gift ever gifted.

Which leads to him taking a pick axe and mini jack hammer to the stage to dig up the time capsule he left on his very first appearance.

And finally, he closes with the aforementioned cover that will melt even the iciest of hearts.

Bill F*cking Murray, ladies and gentlemen.

And just for the sake of comparison, here’s the “I Will Always Love You” cover that some people insist is the best ever. We’ll leave that to you to decide.