Bill O’Reilly Says Stephen Colbert Is ‘Alienating Traditional Americans’ With His SCOTUS Hijinks

Stephen Colbert took a few moments out from preparing for his Late Show debut on September 8 to make a special YouTube video congratulating gay Americans on their recent Supreme Court marriage victory. It was dry, witty and classic Colbert, but one person didn’t seem to enjoy it: Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly took offense to Colbert calling out Justice Antonin Scalia on his dissent, specifically a quote where Scalia said he would “hide my head in a bag” if he ever joined an opinion as poorly written as Justice Anthony Kennedy’s (you can read part of Kennedy’s decision here). Colbert quipped that he “could have sworn [Scalia] was already hiding his head in a flesh-toned cinch sack.”

Bill’s response on The O’Reilly Factor via Mediaite:

“Oppression runs both ways, and all Americans should consider that. For example, Justice Scalia wrote a well thought out dissent to the gay marriage decision. He was immediately mocked.”

“In a few months, Colbert will be competing against Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, both talented and successful guys. He might want to think about alienating traditional Americans to the extent that he has. It could be very bad for business.”

Fortunately for Colbert, his key demographic isn’t made up of anti-gay bigots. He also just spent the last 10 years satirizing the views of “traditional” Americans, so it’s doubtful that his latest four-minute YouTube clip will doom his new Late Show career.

(Via Mediaite)