Billy Crystal’s Low-Rent Academy Awards Trailer is Terrible

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01.06.12 14 Comments

The 84th Academy Awards will air on ABC on February 26th (insert obligatory circle-jerk joke here) and will be hosted by Billy Crystal because, why not? He has experience; he probably won’t ruffle any feathers; and who cares? The Academy Awards are the second most watched telecast of the year, behind the Super Bowl, no matter who the host is. As last minute replacements go, you could do worse. It would be difficult, but I’m sure it’s possible.

The first “trailer” for the Academy Awards is up on YouTube now, and it features the non-existent talents of Josh Duhamel (the poor man’s Johnny Knoxville), Megan Fox (who is way too young to have had so much plastic surgery), Vinnie Jones, and Robin Williams. The trailer (after the jump) is perfect for lulling you into the kind of apathetic slumber that will prepare you for the ceremony itself.

I hope you bailed before the end because the punchline wasn’t worth the minute it took to get there.

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