Billy Eichner Is Taking The Amazing Games And Pitbull Masks Of ‘Billy On The Street’ To TruTV

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Billy Eichner is on a roll this year and he’s only going to keep rolling. Deadline is reporting that Eichner has struck a deal with Turner Broadcasting to bring new seasons of Billy on the Street to TruTV, as well as the old episodes. The show, produced by Funny or Die, became a hit while on Fuse for its first three seasons and featured tons of guest stars participating in Eichner’s shouty, random antics on the streets of New York City. His popularity landed him guest spots on Parks and Recreation, Bob’s Burgers, The New Girl, and The Millers as well as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Game Show Host in 2013. His next venture is Amy Poehler’s new Hulu series Difficult People, in which he’ll star with Julie Klausner. Also, war with Burger King.

If there is only one teeny-tiny part of this that’s disappointing, it’s that TruTV has moved away from its true-crime roots and into comedy programming, so this means that Eichner will not be solving crimes with any famous people wearing Pitbull masks. Unless he damn well chooses to do just that which he totally could!

Source: Deadline