‘Boardwalk Empire’ Final Season Teaser: The Gangster Wars Enter The Tax-Evasion Era

06.30.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

As we learned a couple of weeks ago, the final (sadly shortened) season of Boardwalk Empire will leap ahead seven years and right into the depression. If Michael K. Williams was being accurate, that should take the show into around 1931, or two years before the end of Prohibition and, thus, the end of Nucky Thompson’s biggest source of income (the real-life inspiration for Thompson — SPOILERS — was still heavily involved in gambling after Prohibition).

The teaser trailer suggests that Nucky will be a lonely man. Who knows where Margaret and the kids will be by this point. Chalky is apparently regrouping in an attempt to return and get his revenge on Dr. Narcisse, and it also happens to be the year — in real life — that pretty much saw the end of Al Capone’s run at the top of Chicago’s organized crime syndicate.

If Boardwalk Empire tracks real life, get ready to see a lot more of J.Edgar Hoover and plenty of tax evasion charges!

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO in September.

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