Bob Odenkirk Drops The ‘Trailer’ For His Upcoming ‘Film’ Which He Stars Alongside A Roomba

Bob Odenkirk is always busy with something, whether it’s showing up to award shows, training for unnamed action movies or creating innovative concepts for the next wave of reality TV. And he never quits! Even when his heart did.

Odenkirk stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his next big project: Nothing To Promote. The “trailer” features a brilliant look at what it’s like to be an actor with nothing to promote. While it might seem like Odenkirk is campaigning for an Oscar, the real emotion comes from Roomba, who carries the film. The two have worked together before.

The movie promises everything: intense father-son dynamics, typewriter sounds, and Odenkirk snorting a line of parmesan:

Odenkirk might not have anything to promote, but he is literally begging to lead an action movie, so someone better cast him before someone else ropes him back into another Breaking Bad reunion. He did take the time on Kimmel apologize for his horrific language, though. “Hello, America. The other night at the SAG Awards, as part of a great reunion of the Breaking Bad cast, I, Bob Odenkirk, besmirched the evening’s abundant pleasantries by saying ‘the F,’” Odenkirk recited as sad music played behind him. “I implore your ears to forget what they heard my mouth say, and I only hope that no other person ever again utters that word ever. Don’t go down the dark road I’ve gone down.”

Check out the full interview above.