Bob Odenkirk Workshopped Three Brilliant New Reality Shows For Himself With Stephen Colbert

Self-proclaimed busy beaver Bob Odenkirk was able to stop by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after the show was on hiatus for many months. Due to the rules surrounding the SAG-AFTRA strikes, the actor couldn’t talk about any of his upcoming acting projects, though he mentioned his new children’s book, Zilot. Of course, he’s a smart guy, so Odenkirk had the brilliant idea to survey the audience with ideas for potential new shows that he could star in. He’s a man of the people.

Bob Eats Outta Cans was the first proposal, which was pitched as a travel/food show. “You know, Stanley Tucci goes to Italy and makes pasta…I thought ‘I’ll travel, and then I’ll come home and just eat outta cans and see what happens to me.'” But the travel part wouldn’t be filmed, mind you. “I want you to know I’m budget-conscious.” Think of it like a Bob Odenkirk-starring mukbang.

The next show idea was taking a page right from the HGTV handbook with Property Octuplets, a home improvement show starring Odenkirk and his seven secret twins. “I have seven identical brothers and we team up and do what we do best, Stephen, which is renovate houses. It’s me, Bob, Rob, Gob, Knob, Blob, Krob, Hob, and of course, Andreas,” Odenkirk explained, before declaring himself “The Hot One.” This show definitely seems like the frontrunner, and will probably do well now that one of those property bothers is a little preoccupied.

Odenkirk’s final show proposal was the most popular: the world’s next best dating show, Everything Island. “It’s every Netflix reality show rolled into one. What we’re gonna do is get seven couples who have been divorced and remarried but are open to dating. They are going to compete for an island, they never see the island until they agree to live there for the rest of their lives, naked and afraid for $10,000.” Seems like a lot of risk for just $10K, but not everyone has Squid Game money. Times are tough.

He added some more important rules, “During the course of the show, if I have sex at any time, nobody gets any money, and I have to apologize to my wife in a reunion episode. And I’ll eat outta cans.” Clearly, this is the one that will move forward, and maybe Odenkirk will finally get that Emmy….for Everything Island instead of that other show. Check out the full clip above.