The Cast Of ‘Boy Meets World’ Reunites For The Possible Finale Of ‘Girl Meets World’

Has Girl Meets World been little more than an Illuminati plot that started way back with Boy Meets World? That’s not certain, at least not to those who believe such things. But they might be running out of time considering the show’s upcoming third season finale and the return of pretty much every character from the original series.

The writers for the Disney Channel reboot hinted at the big reunion on Twitter and Disney followed it by revealing the photo below, showing an older and wiser group — even if Anthony Tyler Quinn’s Mr. Turner gets the short end of the stick.

This certainly isn’t the first reunion we’ve seen the show, with the classic characters trickling in almost from the very beginning of the series. Now they’re all around, minus a few of the side characters that have gone on to greater fame.

It’s nice to have these nostalgic reunions, even if soon we’ll be buried in them once we need to get the Girl Meets World reunion or the Fuller House reunion. Although, I think I would kill to see an update to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It won’t be the same without James Avery as Uncle Phil, but it’s one of those comfort shows that I wouldn’t mind reliving slightly.

(Via Deadline / E News)