‘Dream, Try, Do Good’: The Oral History Of ‘Boy Meets World’

01.31.17 3 years ago 6 Comments


In 1993 Boy Meets World joined ABC’s TGIF lineup of Family Matters, Step by Step, and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. The show, created by Michael Jacobs (who had previously co-created the TGIF sitcom Dinosaurs), focused on Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), a 6th-grader navigating his way through the changes in his family and school life. Over the course of its seven-year run we watched as the love between Cory and his girlfriend, Topanga, grew. Saw his best friend, Shawn, get thrown into increasingly heartbreaking situations, and his brother, Eric, grow crazier with each episode. And throughout it all, Mr. Feeny was by their side as a mentor and guide.

Since its finale in 2000, Boy Meets World has garnered a post-TGIF legacy and a following that’s been an unexpected surprise for the show’s cast and writers. But thanks to its syndication on the Disney channel and the nostalgia of the internet, the love for Boy Meets World is stronger than ever. The outpouring of this fandom became increasingly apparent with the 2013 release of Girls Meets World, where the show’s characters live on through the worldview of Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley.

We spoke with Jacobs, actors Will Friedle (Eric), Rider Strong (Shawn), William Daniels (Mr. Feeny), William Russ (Alan), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Mr. Turner), Matthew Lawrence (Jack) and Maitland Ward (Rachel), and writers Jeff Sherman and Jeff Menell about the creation of Boy Meets World, its many phases and mysteries, and how the lives of these beloved characters continue on.

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