Hundreds Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Props, Including Walt’s Underwear & Pontiac Aztek, Are Up For Auction

09.20.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

walt underwear auction

And the next item up for auction is…Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair. This is Hector Salamanca’s real wheelchair, as seen on the hit television show, AMC’s Breaking Bad. The bid begins at $5,000. And we got $5,100. What’ll y’all give me? Come on now, come on now. And $5,200. One hundred bid, two hundred bid, will someone make it a three-hundred dollar bid? We’ve got $5,300. Again, folks, this is the actual wheelchair…$5,400! It’s the wheelchair that Hector Salamanca used on Breaking Bad. It’s an explosive, one-of-a-kind item. $5,500. Anyone else? Is there anyone else who’d like to own a piece of television history? One last chance. OK, and it’s going, going…


/rings bell 6,000 times

SOLD. To the crazy-looking man in the wheelchair. What else have we got up for sale today?

As the final episode of Breaking Bad draws ever closer, Sony Pictures has put hundreds of props from the show on auction. Bids start at $10 for trinkets like Jesse Pinkman’s DEA mug, all the way up to $5,000 for Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair, but expect the winning bids on the items to be far, far higher. After perusing the props on offer, the stars of the show seem to be Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek (starting at $1,000) and an inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass ($3,000).

Perhaps surprisingly, the iconic items aren’t being auctioned for charity, but rather for profit. They’re available on Screenbid, an auction site set up to help studios profit from unwanted props. (Via)

Next up: the teddy bear.


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