A Bunch Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Memorabilia Is Making Its Way To The Smithsonian

Breaking Bad was one of the best shows in what is almost universally — because there’s always, like, one guy — considered to be a great era of television, so this news, while very cool, isn’t actually all that surprising. After what Variety describes as “a three-year courtship” by the museum’s entertainment curator, Dwight Bowers, a chunk of the most famous memorabilia from the series is making its way to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Sayeth Bowers: “We approached Sony because we felt the show made a real impact on American society, especially with how it dealt with the issue of society’s ambivalence.” Fair enough!

But then this raises a a few important question: Exactly what memorabilia from the show is making the cut at the Smithsonian? Like, are Walt’s tighty-whiteys on the list? Can you display famous underpants in the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian? If so, where’s the line? Just how famous do the underpants have to be to make the cut? More famous than other, less underpants-y items of clothing? Why do we insist on stigmatizing underpants in our society? And so on.

Luckily, at least two of those questions have been answered by a series of tweets by the official Smithsonian Twitter account. First of all, the Breaking Bad exhibit will contain Walter and Jesse’s Tyrek meth-cookin’ suits and gas masks…

… Heisenberg’s hat, Saul’s business card, some blue meth, a cup from El Pollo Loco, a purple wine opener, and Hank’s DEA badge.

But, apparently, no underpants. And no roof pizza, either. This is a bummer if you’re going to the Smithsonian, I suppose, but it’s great news if you want to park your car across the street open a competing, cooler Breaking Bad exhibit out of your trunk titled “Underpants & Pizza!” You’ll get my admission fee, that’s for sure.

(Via Variety)