Brian Cox Brought Logan Roy Back From The Dead By Randomly Playing Him In A French Commercial (That Also Parodies ‘Emily In Paris’)

Logan Roy, the fictitious patriarch of Succession, has been dead since last summer, but do characters (or shows) ever really die? Brian Cox, who won a Golden Globe (but never an Emmy!) for playing the gruff corporate tycoon, recently said he’d be up for exhuming him for a prequel movie. (If that happens, it might not involve Succession creator Jesse Armstrong.) Thing is, he’s already dusted the guy off, not for a movie or another show but, quite randomly, for a French commercial.

Per Deadline, Series Mania, a media pow-wow set to unfold in March, dropped a new, high-concept ad for this year’s festivities. It begins as a simple Emily in Paris parody, with the fest’s boss Laurence Herszberg standing in for Lily Collins’ beret-loving ex-pat as she has a meeting with her exasperated boss (played, semi-confusingly, by an actual show cast member, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu).

Then Logan Roy suddenly appears on a monitor. When Leroy-Beaulieu’s character tells him, “I thought you were dead,” he responds, “Never felt better.” Undead Logan then announces he’s buying the festival, cackling as he declares, “Series Mania is mine!”

Okay! It’s good to see Logan back after his less-than-ideal death, but surely there are better ways to resurrect him than in a mildly chaotic French ad parodying shows from different streamers. Then again, perhaps beggars can’t be choosers. Welcome back, Logan, we guess?

(Via Deadline)