Brian Grazer Producing ’24’ Movie

Last month, Kiefer Sutherland confirmed that the “24” movie will be released in theaters in 2012. And now Hollywood super-producer Brian Grazer (inset) has announced that he’s on board to produce the film.

“Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the 24 movie for next year,” he tweeted.

Grazer’s involvement makes sense since Imagine Entertainment, the company he co-owns with Ron Howard, produced the long running action drama for Fox. [Inside TV]

So I guess quoting tweets has become so commonplace that media outlets no longer use sic to point out glaring word omissions and typos, huh? Oh well, I guess I should get off the good grammar ship before it syncs to the bottom of the ocean. From here on out, I’ll be unphased by my misuse of homophones.

ANYWAY, the “24” movie. Always nice to see a powerful guy like Brian Glazer involved. That guy looks like such a straight shooter. So calm and collected. I bet he’s never even seen cocaine.

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