Hayley Atwell Will Do Whatever It Takes To Bring Back ‘Agent Carter’

Despite ABC canceling Marvel’s Agent Carter after two seasons (a damn shame to people who enjoy good television), and Captain America: Civil War giving her an off-screen death and on-screen funeral (the movie’s grossed over a billion dollars, this shouldn’t be a spoiler), Hayley Atwell just can’t quit Peggy Carter.

During a recent panel at MegaCon Orlando, Atwell was asked whether she wants Netflix, or any streaming service, to revive Agent Carter. “Yes, 100%. I love Peggy,” she said. “I love the people working on this project. [It would be] a privilege and an honor to bring her back to the fans.”

Let’s say Netflix was interested — would Atwell even be able to fit another season into her busy shooting schedule, which already includes Conviction? Y’know, the show where she has an American accent and snorts cocaine and says things like, “Prison is full of good looking black poster boys.”

She’d find a way. “I’d shoot on the weekends. Blue serum. Whatever it takes… We’re just going to have to have another season to figure it all out.”

Atwell’s dedication to Agent Carter is admirable, and a third season on a different channel or platform wouldn’t feel unnecessary, considering how good season two was. But I also want to see her in something new, something like… Conviction. Superheroes are great; a “sexy nemesis” is even better.

(Via the Daily Dot)