A British Reality Show In Which Couples Have Sex In A Box Is Coming To The U.S.

The Beatles. The Office. Monty Python. Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. For decades, America has lovingly embraced British culture, their bands, their TV, their movies, their everything-but-the-food. We get the best they have to offer, and in return, we don’t bring up the whole “haha, we beat you in war” thing. The next great British export that’s making its way across the pond, pip-pip cheerio, Mary Poppins, good day guvnah: SEX BOX.

No, it’s not an awesome metal band — it’s a TV show.

Sex Box is a sex talk show with a difference; a panel discussion about the real sex lives of people, with one exceptional twist. In a unique television format inspired by the work of sex researchers, three couples have sex, then talk about it afterwards, while the feelings and sensations are still vivid and truthful. (Via)

ESPN is so pissed they didn’t think of this idea first, and that they couldn’t hire Jon Gruden as one of the panelists. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE I LIKE TO CALL HIM THE TAXI DRIVER BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIS WAY DOWNTOWN.

Oh, what could’ve been.

Via Digital Spy