The Ladies Of ‘Broad City’ Head To Florida And Beyond In The Weird, Fearless Trailer For Season Four

Abbi and Ilana are back to lord over their city in the trailer for the fourth season of Broad City. The ladies look full of energy, like they’re prepared to take the show to weirder places than they have in the past — or maybe the same amount of weird but just with different scenery. Not only will they get animated this season, mess around with what looks to be pro-life protestors, and end up in a variety of weird naked situations, but it also seems like they’ll be hitting the road to go a gun-filled version of Florida. So, Florida.

Season four also seems to have plenty of guest stars lined up. Not only will Shania Twain show up to freak out Abbi at the gym, but we’ll also get Steve Buscemi, Jane Curtin, Wanda Sykes, and a showdown with Ru Paul at some point. It also might have the best, dirtiest anti-Trump scene we’ve seen up to this point — not counting the Kathy Griffin controversy.

The only shame here is that we have to wait until August for the show to return. With Workaholics and Key & Peele gone from the network, it could be time for Broad City to rise up and take a spot as one of the network’s top shows. They’re certainly bringing the guests and have been consistently funny since premiering. Might be time for a re-watch.

(Via Comedy Central)