Bryan Cranston Tells Colbert About His Past Gig Voicing Monsters On ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’

As you’re all well aware, Bryan Cranston is making the media rounds as we’re now just a little over a week away from Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes. Not to overexpose the man (just kidding, of course to overexpose him), but when one of society’s most gifted actors who is about to begin his final tour of duty as one of television’s most iconic characters goes head to head in a sit down with Stephen Colbert I’m going to share it here. That’s policy. Especially when the conversation pivots between outlining why Walter White is the ultimate capitalist, the symbolism of tighty whities, and Colbert gleefully realizing Cranston was on Power Rangers. Specifically, he voiced some of the monsters on Power Rangers, and Cranston demonstrated one of them here. As Colbert points out, this was probably the precursor to led to him channeling the dark side of Walter White.

Just a fun chat between two rather spectacular people. Stick around to the end for Cranston accepting Colbert’s challenge to turn into Heisenberg in a split second (spoiler alert: it doesn’t take that long).

Really the only thing this is missing is Stephen asking Bryan to rate Jerry Seinfeld on a 1-10 jerk store scale. I’m sure that happened backstage.

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