Bucket Corgi Is Sleepy

05.13.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

It was Wednesday morning when The Daily What picked up a video from Have You Seen This that featured Turbo the corgi puppy falling asleep in a bucket, and within minutes I was bombarded with emails and tweets about it (the video’s embedded on the next slide). I love that about Warming Glow readers: nothing corgi-related can exist on the Internet without people sending it to me. If I had a handful of TV industry sources that were half as eager to share Hollywood scoops, this blog would be more important than Deadline. Ah well, I’ll settle for cuter.

From the YouTube page:

Turbo loves sleeping in the oddest places and has a knack for turning every garbage can inside out. This is his favorite one and we always find him sleeping completely, halfway or upside down in one.
He’s usually sleeping inside the trash can after he has already knocked it over but we actually brought him upright for this video. I have a feeling he’s not a huge fan of nodding off this way though… a minute after we shot this he wiggled his way out, knocked the can over again, crawled back in face first and fell asleep He’s a picky snoozer!

More corgis from around the Internet on the pages that follow.
I don’t pretend to know a damn thing about video games, but a new multiplayer role-playing game called RIFT has a promotion where if you get a friend to buy the game, then you get a corgi companion named Courage. More info at G4 (thanks to Joe for the tip).
(Best comment from that G4 article: “That horse could use some tough actin’ Tinactin.”)
Reader Dylan celebrated his birthday this week, so here’s a picture of his corgi puppy, Peach, that he sent in. Dylan, if you didn’t get Peach a little birthday hat and take pictures of her seated in front of your birthday cake, you’ve failed us all.

Thanks to Robopanda for sharing this one.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Louis C.K. recently, so I’m sorry to admit that this made me laugh. (Image via FYeahAlbuquerque, so it was probably taken from somewhere else without attribution.)
Via Corgi Addict.
Via BuzzFeed.

I would totally hire this corgi to clean my house. Even if all it did was poop on the floor.
(via Corgia Addict)
“Yo dawg, I heard you like corgis…”
(via FYeahCorgi)

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